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 People vote with their feet. It’s news worthy to know how many people show up for an important event. 

Timely Tool


 It’s always election season. People will gather for the issues and candidates that are important to them. 

An Idea


 What if you could provide valuable information to a campaign or a newspaper about how many people attended an event and get paid for it? You can do this with CrowdSize. 



Area estimates in the Palm of Your Hand

CrowdSize uses Apple Maps to produce an aerial view of any location in the world and operates in portrait mode. First type in the location of your event, or use the voice recognition feature on your keypad, and zoom into it’s exact location. Next tap the perimeter outline of the area you want to study, then use the slider to select a light, medium or dense factor for the number of people you see. Press Done and that’s it. The approximate number of people within your perimeter is presented. You can clear the calculation and the perimeter you just drew by shaking the device if you want to produce a new calculation.  If you use the area calculation feature you can apply your own density factors or use the calculation for other tasks.


ways to use CrowdSize

Outdoor Events


Estimate the number of people at demonstrations, political rallies, concerts or plan for an outdoor event.

Parks & Recreation


Estimate the square footage of playing fields or golf course greens and fairways for seed or sod.



Estimate the size of fields or forests for drainage, the size of lakes or areas of shoreline.



Estimate fields under cultivation, building lot sizes or areas to be cleared or landscaped.



Estimate the area of building roof tops, street paving, driveways or parking lots.

Easy to use & Convenient


A powerful estimating tool in your pocket lets you be more engaged and be productive.

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